Welcome to WATADEEEL, your security camera specialists! Our company was founded on a basic premise: We know how frustrating it can be to search the seemingly endless security camera solutions online. We know the headaches of dealing with foreign sellers. We appreciate how hard it can be to compare products to determine which one has the highest quality. We have experienced first hand how frustrating it is to receive a product with badly translated instructions. We know how annoying it is to wait a long time for sloooow shipping.

At WATADEEEL, we are determined to eliminate every one of those problems. We strive to take out all the guesswork, we do exhaustive tests and review only the best products which meet or exceed our expectations, we ensure instruction manuals are written in pure English, and we are based locally within the United States of America which makes our shipping FAST (usually 2-3 days), plus it is easy to contact us and resolve any issues you may have with the cameras you purchase.

Feel free to browse our products. You will not find hundreds of products available here, with a headache of choices. You will only find a carefully selected few in each category. Each product has passed our stringent tests and became worthy of being offered for sale. All of out products are available on eBay as well, so you can elect to purchase there if you wish. Just search in eBay for seller WATADEEEL.

Thank you for shopping! All orders shipped out within 24 hours, usually same day. Our replacement policy is 30 days from the order date, we will replace any product that is faulty within that time frame.